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∼ Chris Jones

A very gutsy and personal show that will be of great use to anyone who has struggled with these kinds of addiction issues, or who just appreciates an engaging, sincere tale from a very talented and tuneful guy about how life, however hopeless it may seem, can always get better.

~ William Panek

Strafford epitomizes the skill needed in producing a successful one-man performance. He is charming, engaging, and tosses in enough theatrical and pop-culture allusions to make Angela Landsbury’s head spin. (“Yes! Yes!”) He’s quick and smart, but manages to not let those who aren’t catching all the jokes to feel too far behind or left out.


∼ Michael Brosilow

What makes Strafford’s narrative so compelling is that it’s more than a laudable story of recovery; it’s a time capsule of a huge part of the gay experience. For younger gay generations especially, it’s a story of a journey worth hearing.


~ Lauren Whalen

Though I’ve never met Strafford, I felt a connection with him while watching Methtacular!  He never downplays the seriousness of meth addiction – in fact, by incorporating plenty of humor, he heightens it.


~ Peter Thomas Ricci

Unflinching in its honesty and hysterically self-deprecating in tone, “Methtacular,” the new one-man show written and performed by Steven Strafford, is one of the most thoroughly original theater experiences of 2014, a funny, touching, and challenging work of art that brings new meaning to the term “confessional theater. ”



~ Alex Huntsberger

Strafford has created an elegant and honest (with a dash of fabulous) accounting of his own personal struggle with addiction and self-loathing. He at one point sarcastically observes how everyone in the audience has clearly gone through the exact same experience—down to the ill-fated production of “Man of La Mancha”—so he doesn’t really need to tell us “what it’s like. ” But, of course, many of us have not gone through that. And then again many of us have. No matter which group you belong too, “Methacular!” is worth the trip down the rabbit hole.


Lawrence Bommer

About Face Theatre’s Chicago premiere is a toxic tonic and a comic cure. Sharply shaped by Adam Fitzgerald and embellished with a telling video backdrop, Methtacular! is a laugh-laden look at loss. A kind of whistling in the dark, it’s energized by peppy songs and showbiz moxie. Strafford is nothing if not gay in every way, an irrepressible entertainer who can turn a malady into a game show called “What’s My Meth,” complete with audience members challenged to guess what’s meth, myth, and math.




Strafford lays out the highs and lows of that period with remarkable candor, insight and humor. . . Adam Fitzgerald’s direction keeps everything up to speed but also carves out spaces for outside perspective. . . as Methtacular! wends toward a very-special-episode finale, Strafford’s brave cheer and determination to entertain never let it fall into pity-partying. – Adam Feldman, TimeOut New York


Honest personal storytelling mixed with songs, humor, pathos, and even a mini game show. . . his performing focus is unwavering, he’s witty and self-deprecating. . . Highly Recommended!
Michael Musto, The Village Voice


Do we really need a lacerating comedy about crystal?  In this case the answer is a resounding YES. . . Strafford’s brilliantly sassy delivery, under the assured guidance of Adam Fitzgerald. . . is self-deprecating without being self-indulgent, earnest without being sappy, and poignant without being preachy. – David Kennerley, Gay City News


Smoothly directed by Adam Fitzgerald. . . throughout [Steven Strafford] earns the exclamation mark in his play’s title. . . his charming stage presence and emotionally rich song-and-dance-man style make for a refreshingly fun and poignant ride. – Jason Fitzgerald, Backstage


Masked behind the comedy was a moving and heartbreaking, yet uplifting and inspirational story about one man’s addiction to crystal meth. . . Steven has dug down deep inside himself to bring out a production that touched my heart and tickled my funny bone. –


Bottom Line:  Methtacular! is skillfully directed by Adam Fitzgerald and features a refreshingly honest and courageous performance from Steven Strafford. – Brett Epstein, Theater Is Easy


This straight-laced, heterosexual 40++ woman loved it!  Strafford is one hell of a performer with a mastery of comedy. . . Jahrhunderts die malerei, weniger zeit- und kostenintensiv als architektur und skulptur und darum auch unabhängiger von aufträgen, reagierte am beweglichsten auf die sich im 19. and then there’s the musical supervision and arrangements by the Emmy and Grammy Award winning John McDaniel. . . director Adam Fitzgerald manages to keep all the components together and brings you a highly entertaining METHTACULAR!. . . go get yourself some Steven Strafford – he provides a natural high!
Laurie Lawson,





“Strafford is a talented performer who keeps the audience engaged throughout the show. “
     6/2/2012 –


“It’s unexpectedly entertaining and funny, with heart-wrenching moments that surprise you and hit home without mercy. “
     5/31/12 – , Matthew Risher


“He completely and convincingly makes Methtacular work because he tells his story of with an unrestrained and untrammeled joy, making it all the more poignant. “
     5/31/12 – , Rick Pender


What makes this show different from a lot of other navel-gazing to-hell-and-back monologues is the high-energy, fast-paced comic banter of Steven Strafford who keeps “Methtacular!” surprisingly entertaining.
5/31/12 –